Brand Personality Workshop Kit

Hua Shu
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Brand Personality Workshop Kit

A crafty and fun tool for entrepreneurs to build and discover their brands!

Are you excited about building your brand, but have no idea 
how to start? This quick brand personality workshop lets you jumpstart your 
branding by figuring out your visual brand personality.

A brand personality is how you would describe a brand as if it were a person. The brand personality is the north star of the branding process. It helps you make informed design choices that are appropriate for your brand.

How to choose brand personalities from a list of adjectives? We created a workshop kit to help you or your team pin down brand personalities in three fun & easy steps.

The workshop can be done as an individual or as a team. It is a great exercise to clarify the brand direction for your company. It is also a fun and lively team-building activity.

Workshop duration: 60mins

This Kit Comes in Three Versions:

  • PDF (Print). You (and your team) can get moving with sorting brand personality words, scribble notes, drawing, and all that good stuff, in old fashion style.
  • Notion Template (Digital format) - This is the digital kit for an online virtual workshop. Duplicate the templates to your Notion workspace, and invite your teammates to it. Everyone can be hands-on moving personality cards around, just like a face-to-face workshop, despite not being in the same physical location.
  • Google Slide (Digital format). All you have to do is duplicate the sample slide file, follow the instructions and you are ready!

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Handy pdf packet combines game, DIY, and branding! Figure out what your company is about in the most stressful way possible :D


Brand Personality Workshop Kit

0 ratings
I want this!